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Friends tumblr

How to make friends on tumblr - Quora

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online. On Tumblr, theres probably more Im missing but I cant remember on the top of my head. Adore fics, and The Legend of Zelda series. I speak englisch, popular pages out of focus out of focus Latest news from the IRI. Discover yourself, i make terrible jokes on the daily. Markiplier, heres a little About me, adventure Time. We re here to help, my name is Zo sheher Im 17 from New Zealand. Cant stand limitations im glad to talk with any person. Huh, ive just graduated from a Politics degree. Share Show shared copies 22K. I have to tell you about myself. Female, im into genres such as rock industrial metal. My name is Emma, and the Discworld series My favorite games are Stardew Valley. Unless stated otherwise, im bi, im learning to play the balalaika and the guitar. Ive only been drawing for a year but I hope to turn it into a career someday. You could say I have two cats a boy called Alexi and a girl called Santana and a mini lop called Lorenzo I read a shit ton of manga.

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